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About ProcessEDI

  • ProcessEDI makes EDI for every company easy soluble. The specialists of ProcessEDI are active since 1995 and have a wide international experience with creating thousands of EDI parsers.
  • The programmers of ProcessEDI have their roots in transport automation and are familiar with a variety of formats, including: xml, csv, ttm and Edifact. There is a lot of experience with parsers for financial systems, accounting systems, ERP systems, warehouse systems and transportation systems. ProcessEDI has a large customer base and within our network there are thousands of companies using our parsers.
  • ProcessEDI is one of the products maintained by the programmers of Loginet. Loginet is located on the campus of the Science Park in Amsterdam.


  • For creating a parser ProcessEDI charges a one-time fee. The fee depends on the difficulty of the translatable file.
  • There is a monthly fee calculated for servicing the applications. This starts at 10 Euro per month. You pay per three months and you are free to end your subscription anytime. An exact quote depends on the type and quantity of files that has to be parsed.
  • Would you consult with us? Please contact us here.